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Designed in California. Enjoyed around the world.

Sun Labs was founded in 1987 as one of the first renewable energy companies in Asia.  With a research-first attitude, Sun Labs quickly began distributing their water heating products around the world, truly making it an international leader of clean energy.   

In 2003, Sun Labs further expanded their research and development initiatives by becoming affiliates of research programs at both UC Irvine and MIT.  In 2015, Sun Labs officially moved their headquarters to Southern California to further develop and expand their electric, solar, and air technologies research. 

Under the leadership of Jericho Wang and Nelson Meehan, Sun Labs has achieved continuous product innovation and design, positioning Sun Labs as a powerful promoter of clean energy water heating products for your home and business.

Our extensive list of water heating products provide clean, reliable energy at an affordable price.



Sunlabs promotes the integration of industry, education and research, focuses on training and building high-level R&D team, and applies R&D results to product development and promotion. SunLabs has established extensive strategic cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Architectural Sciences, Shandong University, Shandong Jianzhu University , Yazaki, NEC and other domestic and foreign research institutes, universities and top 500 enterprises in the world, jointly developed and construct Highland of Science, undertook the national Spark plan and national Torch Plan projects successively, and was recognized as Shandong Enterprise Technology Center and Shandong Project Technical Research Center.



Where there is sunshine, there is SunLabs. SunLabs strives to build a first-class domestic service platform and constantly improve and upgrade, taking the lead in the industry to launch a 24-hour call center, providing users with all-round services, and constantly improve customer satisfaction. With the extension of SunLabs Electrical Appliances and Kitchen and Sanitary Products Line, the company actively seeks breakthroughs in improving service efficiency and quality. It always focuses on user needs, strengthens the guarantee of all China, builds a national after-sales service platform, and continuously improves the service level to customers.



Based on the development of green energy industry, SunLabs is actively engaged in the application of new technology industrialization. Through the integration and application of new building technology, Internet of things, artificial intelligence and other scientific and technological achievements, meanwhile, through the creation of "SunLabs +" ecological platform strategy, it continues to effectively seek the new development of enterprises and the new breakthrough of the industry.

In 2018, on behalf of the solar energy industry, SunLabs was selected into CCTV “craftsman's mind making” brand program. The group has cooperated with Ni Ping, the brand image spokesperson of SunLabs for many years, meanwhile,unite people of the same aspiration to providing consumers with all-round green energy life, implementing the concept of energy conservation and emission reduction, and building a green and beautiful life.